zondag 19 januari 2014

Wonen.Decoreren is moving!

As of today I am moving to a different location. It's time for me to say goodbye to my Blogger-blog. I have really enjoyed and loved this blog but I felt it was time so change things!

So now my blog has a new location and a new name: Costellodecorating.com. And it feels so good.

The reason why I choose to move is because I want to professionalize my blog and myself. This past year has been all about finding out what I really want and I really feel that I have reached the right place and it's the right time. A few bloggers I really admire- Holly Becker of Decor8, Holly Marder of Avenue and Yvonne Eijkenduijn of Yvestown- have really inspired me this past few months. And I now finally believe in me. 
I always knew that is what I want to do: blogging, styling and photgraphy. And also a bit of cooking :-).

Why Costello Decorating? Because I love Elvis Costello, love the name Costello, it somehow summarizes everything what I love about life. Don't ask me why, but Costello is the word. 

I hope you will keep following me on Costellodecorating.com. I have so much I would like to share with you! And there is still a lot to come this year on my blog! 


donderdag 9 januari 2014

The beauty of Sarah & Bendrix and Lilesadi

There are two brands that I really love at the moment: Lilesadi and Sarah & Bendrix. Both just create the most beautiful things. Their designs are minimalistic, Scandinavian orientated and just very pretty. Easy to match in different kinds of styles.  
I also love the fact they both have beautiful things for kids. Lilesadi has a very very cool line of cloths for babies and kids and Sarah & Bendrix have lovely prints and wooden toys to brighten up a childrens room. 

Lilesadi was founded in 2011 by German sisters Dinah and Sarah Smutny. They run their studio in Rotterdam and create original textiles, wallpapers and other interior products. Lilesadi aim to bring minimalism and poetry in the homes of people. Sounds good to me!

Wallpaper, according to their site available soon!

Sarah & Bendrix is a small design studio based in Surrey, United Kingdom. est. 2009 by Veronika. They specialise in wedding and anniversary gifts, but also sell items for children.
This is what they write about their store. I love this:
We take delight in stories of others, the small details: little feet on a wooden floor, fresh dew, soft light, rainy walks. It’s about those moments in time treasured forever.  Memories of true romance, subtle and enduring. This idea is carried through our design, celebrating the simplistic and beautiful. We are collectors and story tellers.........
At home I have their Mama Bear Print (see below) and it just looks so good in Juliette and Joshua's room. Just so sweet!

*Images by Studio Lilesadi and Sarah&Bendrix

dinsdag 7 januari 2014

Color trend 2014 Secret Garden

AkzoNobel has predicted several colourtrends for 2014. One of them is without a doubt, my favorite: Secret Garden. This palette of colors is elegant, fresh, romantic, relaxing and makes me so happy. It's like a breath of fresh air.  It's like waking up really early in the morning and looking out of the window into the garden, just to see morning dew slowly evaporating and slowly presenting pretty pastel flowers. 

The palette of Secret Garden consists of soft smokey shades. Thinks of prumes, different shades of lilac which lean towards natural en grey. The series of green shades make it so easy to combine ton-sur-ton. It's all about natural colors here but they all have something pink or mauve. 
Combine these colors with lace, wood, flowers, voile and frosted glass and it's your own secret garden. This color palette is all about being romantic, mystic. It's very feminine. 
I am all for this palette and got me thinking about my own palette of colors at home. Right now it's actually an undefined mix of colors. The only thing I am really content with are my white walls, one greenish wall and the oak floor. We have beautiful curtains, it's a black and white Ikea fabric with a very very busy pattern but I just love them. They just totally do not match my desired style. We also have an English red sofa. Love it, it's such a beautiful sofa, very classy and comfy but also very red...
Oh well, slowly, very slowly but surely we are getting there. I find my consolation in the fact that stying a home with two little kids is a challenge. You can make it pretty, but Fisher Price does not get prettier than it already is! And as much as I love our house, this is not our dream home. It's great, we love it, it loves us and it has an amazing garden, but it's not forever. So for now I make our home as comfy and stylish as possible. And my secret garden just has to wait until we 've moved into our 'grown-up' house! And that is also very much what I love, dreaming and secretly creating that home. Looking for the perfect furniture and accessories in those years to come!

donderdag 2 januari 2014

Welcome in 2014

And it's 2014! Happy new year! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve.
We celebrated it nice and quiet on the countryside with family. Far away from the fireworks and enjoying delicious food and drinks. 

Somehow I always eat so much on New Years Eve! And no, not the traditional 'oliebollen' or 'appelflappen' but nice cheeses and salads. 
Our babyboy slept through all the noise.

Although it was nice and quiet, at 0.00 o'clock there was ofcourse some firework to enjoy, luckily a few meadows away :-). Juliette woke up though and stayed with us for a while, totally surprised and amazed by all 
the colors and noise. She was fun to observe. 

And now it's the new year. Wow, I haven't even fully digested 2013, working on that. That year was an emotional rollercoaster for me. Lot's of things happened and many things were quite stressful, like losing my job, a painful pregnancy, the death of my grandmother and my cat...and so on and so on. Thank god, Joshua was born in 2013! Which makes it also a great year! 
I learned so much that year, about what I want and what I am willing to fight for. What I believe in and what is important to ME. 

So 2014 will be a year of digesting a lot of what has happened in 2013. A little reflection here and there. And I have big plans for myself and my blog. 
The first step I took today was buying a camera!! I am so thrilled! It's not the best camera around, let's face it, money is kind of an issue.... But nonetheless I am so happy! Back to my roots it is! (I studied photography for 1 year, back when I was 18 and really believed I would become a photographer).
And with this camera I am planning to shoot some beautiful interiors, maybe some DIY projects and all things that matter to me when it comes to decorating! Can't wait!

The second step is to explore the world of DIY projects. I've had a Pillow-project for a while and many many ideas for a collection of pillows, throws and tablecloths. And I love making little wreaths and things to hang on branches etc.,it makes a room so much more a home, so I would really like to get back to that and share it with you!
The third step is to improve my blog in any way I can. I have many ideas and plans...
But maybe the most important step is staying true to myself. Reading all the wonderful blogs this past year kind of forced me to go soul searching. What is it that I like and not everyone else. It's tough! But also very much and eye opener. And I believe that I have finally arrived at that place where I want to be. So more of that also in 2014!
This will also be the year of finding that perfect balance between being a mom, a wife and having a job. Currently I am without a job, or as they say: in between jobs. Sounds much nicer and more hopeful! :-)

But the time I now have at home with the kids has given me lots of thoughts of how it will be once I get back on that working saddle. OK, perfect balance is never going to happen. A balance is good enough...
And the last resolution is ofcourse finding that job that I love or finding that job that will give us time and space for me to get started as a stylist. 
A busy year but also a year that I am so looking forward to!!
So once again Happy new year, thanks so much for following my blog and let's make it an inspirational year with lots of beautiful interiors!


*Pictures by Jessica at Instagram

zaterdag 28 december 2013

Instagram hometour @Knipsarina

Let me just say that I am an Instagram addict. Not so much because of the picture making aspect but more to peak into the lives of people all over the world and view their amazing pictures, their pictures of life but also their beautiful interiors. Just love it and it's a bit like Pinterest, once you get started....
For a while now i have been following @Knipsarina on Instagram.

Her pictures amazed me, her sense of styling, the use of accessories and also making it a home for herself, her boyfriend and their son. It's spacious, relaxed, happy and just pretty.
So I asked her if I could share some pictures on my blog and luckily she said YES! Lucky me! Because I just really wanted to share her interior with you. It feels a bit like discovering a precious gem..or something. 
The Knipsarina account belongs to Catharina, a pediatric nurse at a critical care unit for newborns (here was me thinking she was an interior designer or something!). Catharina lives in an old house in Bodø in Northern Norway with her boyfriend and their 2 year old son.
She just loves interiors and loves to do things around the house which has 4 small floors. Two of these floors have been redecorated, Catharina can't wait to redecorate the other two floors! She gets her inspiration by reading blogs and magazines. Although her taste is not uncommon amongst interior design lovers, she also loves design which is special and not so common and she knows how to do a bit of DIY herself which in her eyes makes a house your home.

I just love her style and hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do! Thanks so much Catharina for sharing your beautiful house with us!

zaterdag 21 december 2013

Deck the Halls....

It's amazing to see how every single blog is posting about Christmas in it's own way. Love the variety of different styles and perceptions of Christmas. You should definitely go to &Suus, decor8, Avenuelifestyle, lisannevandeklift, Coos-je and Vosgesparis for some real beautiful Christmas inspiration! And of course there are many more blogs to read when it comes to the Holiday Season! 

And then I wanted to blog about Christmas, but was very much intimidated by all these beautiful Blogposts... There are so many creative bloggers in this world. It is actually quite amazing. Maybe this is more a holiday homage to all the beautiful bloggers in the world! What if you put us all in one room and decorate it into the best Christmas room ever. Chaos, I'm sure but what an inspiration :-). And fun!
Blogging is just the best way (for me anyway) to perceive everything that I love about decorating. I just love to write about it, straight from the heart, hopefully inspiring readers as much as the world of decorating inspires me.
At the moment I am still a tiny little blog in the world of interior design blogs. Still learning every day but also still enjoying every post that I write. It feels like being in love every time I hit the button ' Publish' . I just love to share and much more, I love interaction. I love to know who are out there and who wants to be inspired! It's still a long way for me but I'm getting there! The year 2013 was all about learning what I enjoy the most: decorating and interior design and writing about it. And let's not forget, learning how to combine my two lovely kids with blogging. Now that IS a challenge, but one I would not miss for the world!
But now back to Christmas! My point was: maybe you've already been overloaded with Christmas ideas and inspiration. Please allow me to at least try to inspire you just a little bit more!
I have just one more thing to say: Happy Christmas!!!!

xoxo Jessica

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