zaterdag 30 november 2013

Sinterklaasshopping + Bloomingville

Today I went Sinterklaas shopping for the kids. Absolutely hate the frenzy going on on a Saturday in the citycentre, with Sinterklaas on its way....But I went with my dear friend Gwynne. Which made it all much much more fun. We kicked off with coffee. Had many shops to visit and lots of presents to buy. But...the coffee tasted good, the conversation was inspiring and fun AND Gwynne had to leave at 3.30 pm (we were still having coffee at 2.45 pm...). 
Source: Pinterest: Goed in Stijl

So we prioritized and went on our way. Because we were in the Bijenkorf (THE department store in Holland) we went looking for presents there. But since Gwynne and I just love, absolutely LOVE, interior design and brands like HAY, Bloomingville and Ferm living, we just had to go and see the new interior design floor of this department store. They have just renovated and renewed the place and now sell these fantastic Scandinavian brands. We just had to go. It was by now 3.15 pm...still no presents. And there it happened. We both fell in love with this beautiful candleholder by Bloomingville. Don't you just love it?? Love the simplicity, love the geometrics, love the brass version and love the way it just plays with its own space it has been given in a room. 
Christmas is on its way and I might just ask Santa for this wonderful piece of design!
(Somehow did manage to get all the presents!)
Have a good weekend you all!

Source Bijenkorf

Source: Bloomingville

Source WonenDecoreren Instagram

Source Bloomingville

vrijdag 29 november 2013

Picture *LOVE* #3

Not a photo this time, but a painting by Jean Hugo, 1959, Le salon blanc. The image triggers me because of its colours. I love the red, yellow and blue standing out with the blue/greenish colour of the doorpost. It invites you to have a look inside and to see what kind of decorating skills and tricks the owner has up his sleeve.
I also love the classic interior. Really anxious to see the sofa with the big red flowers on it.

Picture *LOVE* is meant to share your love for certain pictures of interiors and is initiated by Stephanie Koster of the blog
Would you like to join? Please send an email to or leave a message at her blog. 
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woensdag 27 november 2013

Totem SF Pillows

The other day I fell in love with these beautiful blue Totem SF pillows by American designer Nicole Powell. She has just released this collection and you can find them on
What I love about these pillows is ofcourse the dip dyeing method and the amazing dark navy color. 
They could really pimp a sofa, bed or chair or even your garden furniture. 
The pillows are 100% Hand Dyed Raw Silk.
I have a weakness for pillows and also am deeply in love with the color Blue and all of its shades. So for me this collection is making me very happy!

Picture by Totem SF

maandag 25 november 2013

Prints by Kristina Krogh

Just a couple of days ago I discovered the work of Danish graphic designer and artist Kristina Krogh. Her work is beautifully dominated by surfaces, geometrics and contrasts that inspire her. I love the way she uses color and mixes different natural textures. The prints are very relaxing to look at, peaceful. She offers them in Limited editions.

About her work she says:

In my work I'm fascinated by different materials and their
surfaces which can either be cold, warm, soft, hard, heavy
or light. I think the strong mix of these exclusive and cheap
textual materials such as marble, ply, wood, cork and paper
is an interesting an unexpected combination that I love.

My inspiration comes from the things and objects that surrounds me;
a beautiful old parquet, a perfect color combination on a building,
a stone floor in a church, a bike ride through Copenhagen - among
many other things. 

I love the way she explains how she gets inspired. 

Her shop is really worthwhile checking out.  New in her collection are the Black and the Brown Calendar 2014. I absolutely love these Calendars! 

zondag 24 november 2013

Inspiring wallpapers

God I love wallpaper! It'a amazing what wallpaper can do for a room. It changes the look completely and gives you that instant feel your were looking for. 
When it comes to wallpaper I love floral designs and the graphic designs. It's heavy to look at and makes that the Uber eyecatcher. Drama! Extravagant! I've been looking for inspiring images this morning where the wallpaper just jumps of the wall. They make me feel so happy!Feel happy with me and be inspired!

Look at that! Isn't this just amazing? I would walk up and down the stairs all day. Just to see new colours every time. The combination of the classic staircase with the geometric patern works really well here. Combined with that amazing light... Love it.

Wow, the black background with the big classic flowers. I think this is so beautiful, so classic. Old-fashioned in a good way. Combined with the green chairs, wooden table and stool, it's so so pretty.

This wallpaper reminds me of cold winter days. Beautiful in the livingroom with a big sofa in front of it or in a study. 

So so Classic, Baroque and I adore the combination of the black and white pattern with the mint-coloured plinth. Makes it edgy.

This wallpaper would be so nice in a bedroom. It's calm and soothing and romantic at the same time. Makes me feel dreamy...

The birds just fly away from the wall. Almost like 3D. Perfect for a funky hallway or also a summerhouse! 

Oh what a grandeur! So very chique and again a super combination of Classic and modern. Makes the walls even higher and just very impressive. Almost intimidating, but again, in a good way!

Just so sweet! Romantic. Happy. Feels like spring. 

This, I think, is so so beautiful. It's like standing in a castle. Old days revive. Gorgeous with the wooden floor.

A very happy wallpaper. Sweet and light. Works in a lot of rooms. It's a heavy print and yet it's a perfect background. It has some kind of serenity to it.

It almost hurts to look at but I just love it. Love the colour, love the pattern.

1. Cole & Son Circus Wallpaper  2. Ellie Cashman  3. Ferm Leving Family Tree  4. Farrow & Ball Orangerie   5. Farrow &Ball Rosslyn    6. Hygge & West Daydream Blue   7. Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Schumacher  8. Mr Perswall   9. Mr Perswall   10. Studio Ditte  11. Talavera Higge & West

donderdag 21 november 2013

To do this weekend

Oh there is so much to do this weekend! Actually it all starts tomorrow!  There is Flavourites Live in Amsterdam  from 22 november till 24 november with over more than 160 webshops with a pop-up store and lots of workshops and more!
Beeld Louis Haagman

There is also the last day of the College X-mas Sale at with lots and lots of Scandinavian Christmas decorations! 


There is Pop Up Shop on 23 and 24 of November also with a lot of cool workshops!

So....If you don't have any plans yet....Now you do! 
Will I be unfortunately not!! So very jealous at all of you who are going! But have fun!! 
And let me know how it was!
Have a great weekend! 

woensdag 20 november 2013

DIY Christmas balls

I love a traditional Christmas with the red and silver shiny balls, Frank Sinatra singing White Christmas on the background... But it's time for something different. I'm not talking about hanging the tree upside-down from the ceiling, no sir, just different materials, different colors and different shapes. Just to give the traditional Christmas a twist. So I am looking for different kinds of tree decorations at the moment. And I came across the DIY x-mas balls by Snug. You can buy these on
I love these DIY balls! Love the shape and love the colors. It's funky, it's just so pretty.

dinsdag 19 november 2013

Nonchalance in living

A home where it's OK that a coffeecup has not yet been cleaned up from the breakfast table, where magazines are lying opened on the sofa, like someone just left in the middle of reading an article, empty wineglasses yet to be washed up on the counter and sunlight shining on white walls leaving tiny little clouds of dust wondering through the room. Wake up, it's morning. A new day to enjoy. Nonchalance. I love it. Enjoy this beautiful home for sale. Source: Fantastic Frank.

(Listen to She Always takes it black by Gregory Alan Isakov. It just fits these images...)