vrijdag 29 november 2013

Picture *LOVE* #3

Not a photo this time, but a painting by Jean Hugo, 1959, Le salon blanc. The image triggers me because of its colours. I love the red, yellow and blue standing out with the blue/greenish colour of the doorpost. It invites you to have a look inside and to see what kind of decorating skills and tricks the owner has up his sleeve.
I also love the classic interior. Really anxious to see the sofa with the big red flowers on it.

Picture *LOVE* is meant to share your love for certain pictures of interiors and is initiated by Stephanie Koster of the blog interieur-coosje.blogspot.nl.
Would you like to join? Please send an email to stephaniekoster65@gmail.com or leave a message at her blog. 
Right now the following bloggers are participating in Picture*LOVE*:

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