donderdag 5 december 2013

Madam Stolz Christmas decorations

I'll confess immediately: I am a Christmas addict. Nowadays my addiction has been tempered because of the Dutch festivity Sinterklaas. We never celebrated Sinterklaas but with the kids and all, they love the Sinterklaas mythe. But me, I am a Christmas girl. Love everything about it. And I mean Everything. My good friend Gwynne and I used to listen to Christmas songs in October..... Embarrassing right? But we Loved it. Now that we are a little bit older we're back to 'normal' but as soon as the shops start selling Christmas decorations, we are there. Love it love it love it!

A traditional Christmas (big tree, red and silver ornaments, big Christmas dinner, lots of presents and Christmas movies, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby etc etc.) is my thing. Well...used to be. Okay, still is, BUT I do love a different kind of decorating style now. Less shiny red, more neutral colours and natural materials like wood and reed. It just makes everything so peaceful and cozy also. Somehow it also fits my mood better. I have two kids at home so it quite a buzz sometimes and quite a mess. Natural and neutral colors makes the house look less messy and that is just what I need!
When I openend Dutch magazine Seasons I fell in love with these decorations of Danish brand Madam Stolz. 

And read that you could buy them at which I did. And there I saw the beautiful Christmas collections of Madam Stolz. Wow, do I love this brand and wow, am I glad to have discovered! 
So I have to share some pictures with you of the Madam Stolz collection (owned by Pernille Stolz, hence the name) kindly shared by and Instagram of Madam Stolz.
Let the decorating fun begin!

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  1. The decorations of Danish brand Madam Stolz are great! They look lovely in our christmas tree!