dinsdag 7 januari 2014

Color trend 2014 Secret Garden

AkzoNobel has predicted several colourtrends for 2014. One of them is without a doubt, my favorite: Secret Garden. This palette of colors is elegant, fresh, romantic, relaxing and makes me so happy. It's like a breath of fresh air.  It's like waking up really early in the morning and looking out of the window into the garden, just to see morning dew slowly evaporating and slowly presenting pretty pastel flowers. 

The palette of Secret Garden consists of soft smokey shades. Thinks of prumes, different shades of lilac which lean towards natural en grey. The series of green shades make it so easy to combine ton-sur-ton. It's all about natural colors here but they all have something pink or mauve. 
Combine these colors with lace, wood, flowers, voile and frosted glass and it's your own secret garden. This color palette is all about being romantic, mystic. It's very feminine. 
I am all for this palette and got me thinking about my own palette of colors at home. Right now it's actually an undefined mix of colors. The only thing I am really content with are my white walls, one greenish wall and the oak floor. We have beautiful curtains, it's a black and white Ikea fabric with a very very busy pattern but I just love them. They just totally do not match my desired style. We also have an English red sofa. Love it, it's such a beautiful sofa, very classy and comfy but also very red...
Oh well, slowly, very slowly but surely we are getting there. I find my consolation in the fact that stying a home with two little kids is a challenge. You can make it pretty, but Fisher Price does not get prettier than it already is! And as much as I love our house, this is not our dream home. It's great, we love it, it loves us and it has an amazing garden, but it's not forever. So for now I make our home as comfy and stylish as possible. And my secret garden just has to wait until we 've moved into our 'grown-up' house! And that is also very much what I love, dreaming and secretly creating that home. Looking for the perfect furniture and accessories in those years to come!

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