donderdag 9 januari 2014

The beauty of Sarah & Bendrix and Lilesadi

There are two brands that I really love at the moment: Lilesadi and Sarah & Bendrix. Both just create the most beautiful things. Their designs are minimalistic, Scandinavian orientated and just very pretty. Easy to match in different kinds of styles.  
I also love the fact they both have beautiful things for kids. Lilesadi has a very very cool line of cloths for babies and kids and Sarah & Bendrix have lovely prints and wooden toys to brighten up a childrens room. 

Lilesadi was founded in 2011 by German sisters Dinah and Sarah Smutny. They run their studio in Rotterdam and create original textiles, wallpapers and other interior products. Lilesadi aim to bring minimalism and poetry in the homes of people. Sounds good to me!

Wallpaper, according to their site available soon!

Sarah & Bendrix is a small design studio based in Surrey, United Kingdom. est. 2009 by Veronika. They specialise in wedding and anniversary gifts, but also sell items for children.
This is what they write about their store. I love this:
We take delight in stories of others, the small details: little feet on a wooden floor, fresh dew, soft light, rainy walks. It’s about those moments in time treasured forever.  Memories of true romance, subtle and enduring. This idea is carried through our design, celebrating the simplistic and beautiful. We are collectors and story tellers.........
At home I have their Mama Bear Print (see below) and it just looks so good in Juliette and Joshua's room. Just so sweet!

*Images by Studio Lilesadi and Sarah&Bendrix

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  1. Helemaal geweldig dit! kan niet kiezen staks als we verhuisd zijn..... (hoop zo dat het door gaat!)

    lfs, Stephanie