donderdag 2 januari 2014

Welcome in 2014

And it's 2014! Happy new year! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve.
We celebrated it nice and quiet on the countryside with family. Far away from the fireworks and enjoying delicious food and drinks. 

Somehow I always eat so much on New Years Eve! And no, not the traditional 'oliebollen' or 'appelflappen' but nice cheeses and salads. 
Our babyboy slept through all the noise.

Although it was nice and quiet, at 0.00 o'clock there was ofcourse some firework to enjoy, luckily a few meadows away :-). Juliette woke up though and stayed with us for a while, totally surprised and amazed by all 
the colors and noise. She was fun to observe. 

And now it's the new year. Wow, I haven't even fully digested 2013, working on that. That year was an emotional rollercoaster for me. Lot's of things happened and many things were quite stressful, like losing my job, a painful pregnancy, the death of my grandmother and my cat...and so on and so on. Thank god, Joshua was born in 2013! Which makes it also a great year! 
I learned so much that year, about what I want and what I am willing to fight for. What I believe in and what is important to ME. 

So 2014 will be a year of digesting a lot of what has happened in 2013. A little reflection here and there. And I have big plans for myself and my blog. 
The first step I took today was buying a camera!! I am so thrilled! It's not the best camera around, let's face it, money is kind of an issue.... But nonetheless I am so happy! Back to my roots it is! (I studied photography for 1 year, back when I was 18 and really believed I would become a photographer).
And with this camera I am planning to shoot some beautiful interiors, maybe some DIY projects and all things that matter to me when it comes to decorating! Can't wait!

The second step is to explore the world of DIY projects. I've had a Pillow-project for a while and many many ideas for a collection of pillows, throws and tablecloths. And I love making little wreaths and things to hang on branches etc.,it makes a room so much more a home, so I would really like to get back to that and share it with you!
The third step is to improve my blog in any way I can. I have many ideas and plans...
But maybe the most important step is staying true to myself. Reading all the wonderful blogs this past year kind of forced me to go soul searching. What is it that I like and not everyone else. It's tough! But also very much and eye opener. And I believe that I have finally arrived at that place where I want to be. So more of that also in 2014!
This will also be the year of finding that perfect balance between being a mom, a wife and having a job. Currently I am without a job, or as they say: in between jobs. Sounds much nicer and more hopeful! :-)

But the time I now have at home with the kids has given me lots of thoughts of how it will be once I get back on that working saddle. OK, perfect balance is never going to happen. A balance is good enough...
And the last resolution is ofcourse finding that job that I love or finding that job that will give us time and space for me to get started as a stylist. 
A busy year but also a year that I am so looking forward to!!
So once again Happy new year, thanks so much for following my blog and let's make it an inspirational year with lots of beautiful interiors!


*Pictures by Jessica at Instagram

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